Integrated Scheme Management

We propose an Integrated Web-based Application system and a Mobile Application which consists of data from all the state government and the central government of India. The system works on the principle of centralized data Storage and Retrieval. That is the data will be stored in a central system and the websites and the Mobile application can access it. We added the feature for all the people who are with disabilities and we also added the feature of language translation to all the native people covering most of the Indian languages as well as worldwide. And the mobile application uses the Aadhaar card scanning to feed the data for the application to get the related schemes, it will help all the people and it is easy to use.

“The nation should move towards one target, one direction, one intention and one decision.”
― Narendra Modi

At present the schemes of state and central government are not mapped together and also the duplicity of the schemes are available and all the schemes are in the different portal and it is not helpful for the person who is with disabilities and the website is not responsive too. So it needs different codings for different devices like mobile phones tablets and other devices.