Integrated Human Resource Management

We provided an integrated solution which is a combination of four modules. Two mobile applications, a desktop application, an attendance system using facial recognition. Employee creation by contractors is done through the mobile app, using worker’s Aadhar-ID and skill certificates.

Verification, approval, overall view for admin is made through a desktop application. Demand for the future workforce can be done by the supervisor through his mobile app. The crucial attendance system consists of two-part facial recognition and IR sensors. The entry is restricted to single entry single exit concept when a worker's face is recognized using machine learning and within a period of time he must enter providing a trigger to IR sensors to enroll his attendance, here comes the end of counting part. Tracking the worker is done through digital attendance taken by supervisor (government employee) where he could mark his/her attendance in his app if worker skips his/her working hours.

Our IHRM product provides a solution for Counting and tracking the workforce at an industry or workspace. The worker entry confirmation is done through IR sensors so the worker's entry into the premises is mandatory for attendance neither he/she can’t just recognize his face and leave the workplace. Moreover, two-layered attendance is followed in our product.

“A healthy corporate culture is built through proper man-management techniques put into action, which in turn aids in shaping a peacefully coherent work environment with healthy interactions capable of drawing out the maximum potential from the employed.”
― Henrietta Newton Martin- Author Industrial Relations Today

The second layered attendance is also used to track the employee, it is the digital attendance marked by the supervisor (govt. employee) where he can put absent if the worker bunk during working hours. On combo of gate entry and work ratio entry payroll is generated. Supervisor contractor relation is made smooth through two mobile apps. The overall workflow can be monitored using a desktop application. Monitored accurately by the admin of premises through his desktop applications, he/she can point out where the system of work went wrong easily and make immediate steps to overcome them.